Student Uniform


Black Banding Spring 2012

Since the earliest days of the school, Watts students have been identified by their uniform. Today’s uniform is designed to convey a positive imagine and a high standard of dress for students.

Uniform Junction

Uniform Junction is the exclusive approved vendor for student uniforms.

Contact Information
Uniform Junction
4221 Garrett Rd #7
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 493-3919

Uniform Inspection

Uniform inspection is a long-standing practice at Watts that takes place during school orientation. The key purposes are to ensure proper fit of the uniform and to review the Clinical Grooming section of the Dress Code Policy. At this time, faculty members complete a Uniform Inspection Checklist with each student that may include directives pertaining to the fit of the student’s uniform and/or general appearance while in the clinical or lab setting.






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