In Memoriam

Alumni Deaths

“Gone but not forgotten.”

              Name                                           Watts Class            Death

Lucille Hill Brooks Becton

Class of 1940

May 2017

Pauline Stuckey Weaver

Class of 1940

March 2015

Marguerite McQuire Hilliard

Class of 1943

February 2012

Doris Strickland McClintock

Class of 1945

January 2018

Camilla Burcham Foushee

Class of 1946

November 2016

Frances Kathleen Rhodes Taylor

Class of 1949

October 2015

Vera Burris Warren

Class of 1949

December 2017

Violet Christine Lamm Dye

Class of 1951

February 2018

Betty Frances Nichols Enscore

Class of 1955

August 2017

Linda Walker Wooten

Class of 1958

January 2017

Melinda Long Royall

Class of 1959

January 2017

Brenda Brown Campbell

Class of 1961

June 2017

Martie Kincer Byrum

Class of 1963

May 2017

Linda Dezern Layton Kessler

Class of 1979

April 2017

Ella Bradshaw Bryant

Class of 1984

December 2017

Gwendolyn M. Pickett Leary

Class of 1993

January 2017

David Lewis

Class of 2013

March 2018


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