*Important change with Admissions/Matriculation Process:

Beginning January 2016, all prerequisite courses will be taught on-line with the exception of Anatomy and Physiology, English, and Religion. These three seated courses will be held at the UMO-RTP campus.

Effective August 2016, incoming students will be required to show proof of health insurance and maintain health insurance coverage while enrolled at Watts. Listed below are three options for health insurance coverage:

*Matriculation/Academic Progression:

Effective August of 2016, incoming students will only be allowed to repeat one nursing course with faculty approval. Please review the policy via this link
To understand our admissions process, it’s essential for you to know about Watts’ partnership with the University of Mount Olive (UMO).

Watts School of Nursing and the University of Mount Olive Partnership

Embracing an opportunity to enhance the nursing program, Watts School of Nursing and the University of Mount Olive  partnered in 2004 to offer a 2 1/2 year program of study leading to a Diploma in Nursing and an Associate of Science Degree in Health Science. This partnership provides students with instruction from two academic institutions, the oldest registered nurse (RN) nursing program in the state of North Carolina and a private, liberal arts university.

Students complete the prerequisite courses through the University of Mount Olive and nursing courses through Watts School of Nursing. Beginning January 2016, most prerequisite courses will be offered on-line; Anatomy and Physiology, English, and Religion will be taught as seated courses at the UMO-RTP campus by University of Mount Olive faculty. Two classes are admitted each year - January and June for the prerequisite courses, and January and August for the nursing courses. Courses are 5 weeks except Anatomy and Physiology (12 weeks). Nursing courses are full-time days (hours vary) mainly Monday through Thursday with occasional Fridays.

Before entering the nursing curriculum, a minimum residency of 18 hours is required with the University of Mount Olive. Once accepted into the program, a student’s transcript is reviewed for possible transfer credit. When transfer credit is given, a student may have to take an additional course or courses with the University of Mount Olive to meet the residency requirement, taught either online or at the University of Mount Olive Research Triangle Park campus.

Personal Approach 2016-17 Catalogue

Because Watts is interested in you as an individual, we take a personal approach to admissions, carefully reviewing each application and not requiring a minimum grade point average (GPA). More detailed information can be found in the catalogue.

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1.  Click on the Catalogue image or catalogue link
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Admission Requirements

  • United States Citizen or United States Lawful Permanent Resident
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Preadmission Test

    HESI Admission Assessment (A2) Exam: an assessment tool used to evaluate academic readiness and individual potential for successful program completion.

    An applicant must pass at the designated level, a mean score for English of 75 (average of all 3 English sections) and a score of 70 for Math, in order to submit an application.

    An applicant can take the exam a maximum of two times every 12 months. Only test scores within the last 24 months will be considered.

    To receive reasonable accommodations for the preadmission test, contact the Coordinator of Student Affairs prior to registering for the test.  Receiving accommodations at the high school level or at another college/university does not mean that Watts School of Nursing will approve the same accommodations received at the other educational institution.

  • Technical Standards
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Alcohol and Drug Testing

Admissions Procedure

To ensure that you have completed the application procedure, step-by-step instructions for applying to Watts are listed below.

1. Create an Evolve student account and register for the Distance Testing Exam (HESI A2)

2. After passing the preadmission test, submit:

3. Request two copies of official transcripts from high school, GED if applicable, and all colleges/universities attended be sent to Watts.

Please send materials requested above to:
Watts School of Nursing
2828 Croasdaile Drive, Suite 200
Durham, North Carolina 27705
Attention: Jennifer Hawkins


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